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Welcome SMS Stays Strong in 5G SA

TOMIA SEPP ensures uninterrupted customer communication. 

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Apart from complying with welcome messaging regulatory requirements, this specific customer wanted to keep ongoing communication with its 5G subscribers in a roaming scenario. They aimed to create personalized, timed, and context-driven campaigns for various subscriber segments to encourage roaming usage. 

However, the 5G Standalone (SA) probe is a major challenge. The HTTP transactions do not carry an identifier that can be used to match between a request and a response and thus close a transaction. A single registration transaction is composed of several messages going back and forth, where the subscriber profile is not returned in response to a registration request, but as a response to a separate request.


TOMIA Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) acts as its own 5G probe, correlating HTTPS request and response transactions in real-time and feeding roaming location events for various roaming services such as Welcome Messaging or any other third-party system. The probe extracts the subscriber profile exchanged between the home and the visited networks and captures information regarding the subscriber services, the network slices requested for this subscriber, and more. Thus, going far beyond the standard SEPP that allows secure interconnection between 5G networks.


TOMIA SEPP enabled subscriber communication services such as welcome messaging to avoid regulatory fines or roaming tariff information in 5G roaming. In addition, this customer can start creating additional revenue-generating services from mobility events for marketing, travel, and security enterprise sectors. By centralizing all probing needs, including those from third parties, TOMIA SEPP enhanced operational efficiency and reduced maintenance costs for our customer. 

TOMIA 5G SEPP offers value-added service on top of the 3GPP standard, including comprehensive roaming analytics of 5G mobility events. For more information and use cases on how TOMIA 5G SEPP can enhance your business, like creating enterprise revenue, SoR in 5G, and discovering IoT devices.

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