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A Clear Perspective for 5G Steering of Roaming

TOMIA SEPP features network indicators that improve steering decisions.

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As 5G is still a relatively new technology, there are many challenges and unanswered questions as to how operators will continue to drive cost optimizations in the future. Our customer discovered ways in which they could benefit from creating a framework for roaming analytics in 5G SA through TOMIA SEPP.

In 5G Standalone (SA) roaming architecture, Security Edge Protection Proxy (SEPP) is a mandatory functional component responsible for securing all roaming signaling between networks. The Service Communication Proxy (SCP) is an optional component, and its routing capabilities are not explicitly defined, nor is its support of signaling manipulations.  While SEPP is a roaming component, some questions come up regarding how to combine 5G SA with roaming needs. 

In addition, managing 5G roaming agreements will grow considerably in complexity. Operators will need to manage new network parameters, especially around Quality of Service (QoS), as well as the coordination of multiple network slices in a roaming scenario. According to the EU roam-like-at-home regulation, home operators must ensure that roaming services will have the same quality offered at their own network, informing the subscriber about any possible difference.  

Based on this context, apart from supporting 5G Standalone steering to comply with regulation, our customer was interested in formulating an interoperability framework between SEPP and TOMIA’s Steering of Roaming (SoR) service, the Intelligent Preferred Network (IPN).


TOMIA SEPP goes beyond the standard SEPP and provides flexible proxy capabilities for routing messages to TOMIA’s Roaming VAS. 

Combined with IPN, the customer could benefit from additional measurements to enable more intelligent decisions. Information such as scoring of visited networks based on Quality of Service (QoS) parameters or the network slices requested by each roamer can drive differentiated steering actions. QoS became customized, and it was up to the customer to decide how based on its business needs. 

Similarly, TOMIA SEPP can source information regarding the APNs used for data service or the subscriber or device profile. IPN can automatically classify these into specific groups to optimize traffic distribution, save costs, and ensure a better user experience.  


TOMIA SEPP natively integrates with IPN and elevates its steering decisions by providing additional information of network parameters. Roaming analytics will play a fundamental role in measuring and ensuring that targets are met, but more importantly, in driving cost optimizations.

The seamless collaboration of TOMIA SEPP and TOMIA Roaming VAS instils greater confidence in the implementation of 5G SA roaming. This synergy empowers the wholesale department and as it facilitates the promotion of innovative 5G roaming services tailored to both consumers and enterprises. 

TOMIA SEPP offers value-added service on top of the 3GPP standards including comprehensive roaming analytics of mobility events.

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