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With the rise of A2P Messaging use cases, our customer faced a decision regarding its business models and how they want to be positioned in the A2P Messaging value chain. Questions ranged from whether to outsource or insource, what infrastructure and software investments should be made and many more. The A2P Messaging value chain is complex and consists of many types of players.

Traditionally, enterprises have chosen aggregators to handle their business messages. Fully outsourcing the service delivery to aggregators is still the first (and only) move by many carriers and offers a sure way to manage the A2P traffic. This option, while enabling business and some revenue growth has significant long-term issues with one of the most critical being that the business upside belongs more to the aggregator as the primary beneficiary.





TOMIA’s A2P Messaging solution offers a neutral supporting system suitable for any business model. Its core rating and routing capabilities are paramount to drive grains in operational efficiencies. The solution solves the complexity inherent to this market, which allows seamless onboarding of enterprises and easy access to service. Our customer approach towards the A2P market started by developing new commercial models for their enterprise customers and terminating more SMS messages to their own subscribers. As part of their roadmap, they plan on trading with key partners for the ‘off-net’ traffic as well to gain incremental revenue. 



During 2021, our customer experienced outstanding growth, noting 22%-29% revenue growth in A2P messaging. Most operators would be hard-pressed to find any other products or services able to bring this level of substantial and consistent growth with these margins.

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