TOMIA’s VoLTE solutions Gain Market Momentum – Landing 3 New Deals with leading Operators in North America and Europe

December 15, 2020

 Solutions selected to increase profitability and remove risks, following VoLTE adoption in Roaming and Global connectivity scenarios

VIENNA, VA, December 15 December 2020TOMIA, a market leader in global connectivity monetization solutions, has reported today three new deals with leading Operators in North America and Europe, to provide the recently announced VoLTE solutions. With TOMIA VoLTE solutions operators can fully monetize opportunities created by VoLTE, in various roaming scenarios.

“With 5G coming into play and many operators looking to shut down their legacy networks, many operators have not factored in the potential challenges and impact this would have on VoLTE Roaming business cases. With operators facing new risks in VoLTE Roaming we have seen a demand for our offerings,” said Andrei Elefant, TOMIA CPO.

As VoLTE becomes more widespread, protecting roaming revenues, ensuring quality of user experience, and complying with regulations is increasingly challenging for mobile operators. Despite these risks, there are also opportunities for wholesale departments. TOMIA‘s VoLTE Roaming solutions offer operators a complete end-to-end platform to take them through the journey of detection, agreement negotiation, network management, and settlement allowing a smooth transition to VoLTE based solutions.

TOMIA is providing the below key services to its customers to increase profitability and overcome risks with VoLTE Roaming:

Steering of Roaming

The Intelligent Preferred Network (IPN) service enables VoLTE steering based on real-time device detection, along with VoLTE-enabled and VoLTE-preferred networks segmentation. IPN will allow operators to implement separate steering policies for VoLTE supported networks based on coverage areas and roaming agreements in place. By routing their VoLTE-capable roamers to VoLTE-enabled networks, operators will overcome two major issues: margin erosion elimination and creating a rich user experience.

Welcome SMS and Campaign Management

In most countries, operators are obliged to send their roamers Welcome SMS messages containing tariff information relevant to their visited country. TOMIA’s Campaign Management Solution (Sparx) enables real-time detection of VoLTE subscribers roaming on pure LTE networks to comply with local regulations, triggers a Welcome SMS containing tariff information, and supports dedicated VoLTE campaigns. This helps operators comply with local regulations and protect revenues.

VoLTE Call Support

The VoLTE Call Enabler (VCE) service supports the correction and completion of all domestic and geo-local VoLTE calls. By analyzing the roaming traffic in real-time, it determines where and how the dialed number should be corrected based on smart algorithms and our vast numbering plan database and knowledge. By routing operators VoLTE-capable roamers to VoLTE-enabled networks, they will overcome the challenge of completing geo-local calls, supporting emergency calls, increasing revenue and enabling a seamless migration.

VoLTE Clearing

TOMIA’s clearing services are fully compliant with the GSMA regulations and provide the visited network with the ability to charge different MB prices for the different QCIs.

Also, it enables operators to better manage their VoLTE Roaming rollout plan by offering advanced analytic tools and BI to support the establishment of steering policies, and wisely select the preferred VoLTE Roaming partners. Benefits include the protection of wholesale revenues, wiser planning, and smart steering.


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