TOMIA launches a fully automated BCE service — introducing charging models to address new IoT and 5G use cases.

June 2, 2021

Blockchain-enabled solution designed to improve workflows, reduce disputes and optimize settlement processes.

London, UK, June 1st 2021TOMIA, a market leader in global connectivity monetization solutions, announced the launch of a new wholesale Roaming Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) service to enable Mobile Operators to better capture monetization opportunities resulting from industry changes driven by the rapid increase in IoT traffic and the accelerating rollout of 5G networks.

“The traditional settlement processes used by MNOs today will no longer meet the future needs of the rapidly changing environment. While the business complexity driven by new technologies continues to grow, MNOs will require new tools to automate manual tasks and reduce costs. TOMIA’s BCE service leverages our vast experience in clearing, and value-added network services, to offer the much-required flexibilities and efficiencies that will enable MNOs to make the vital transition to BCE quickly. MNOs can also take advantage of the fact that the service is blockchain-enabled and can be integrated with multiple DLT technologies, strengthening our leadership in this domain.” said Andrei Elefant, TOMIA CPO.

TOMIA’s future proof BCE service, provides a new way of settlement, revolutionizing the agreement management lifecycle through automation and flexibility, addressing the key industry challenges driven by adoption of new technologies and use cases such as IoT and 5G.

The challenging transition from legacy settlement methods to BCE is seamless with TOMIA’s service, allowing immediate realization of new business opportunities. Automated reconciliation processes will reduce discrepancies and greatly improve cash flow efficiency. Unlike legacy clearing services, TOMIA’s BCE can be launched as a SaaS solution hosted on cloud infrastructure or can be deployed on premise as turnkey software for MNOs who want to retain control of critical data. The service is fully compliant with GSMA standards, adherent to data privacy, security and GDPR regulations.

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