TOMIA Deployed its first NFV-native value-added services platform

February 13, 2020

Dimitris Zoulis, COSMOTE’s Project Manager for Roaming Services and International Synergies, talks to Daniella Torres about how VoLTE, IoT, and 5G will impact the telecoms industry.

Operators all over the world are seeking support for their ever more virtualized environments; they are looking to overcome the limitations of their static and cost-intensive legacy systems and to provide seamless digital experiences with a high QoS to roaming customers.

“industry continues to show strong belief in virtualization, with close to 80% of the respondents (~800 telecoms professionals) recognizing the significance of NFV for the success of their business”

NFV – the Time is Now

Operators understand that Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is the key to addressing these needs, in its promise to support traffic scalability, dynamic elements management, and virtual operations.

Moreover, with the move to 5G and the acceleration of its digital transformation, it is clear that a future-ready solution plays a critical role in ensuring superlative customer experience and heightened competitiveness for the long term.

This situation turns NFV to a top priority. It enables the operators to increase operational efficiency, control and visibility, while gaining unprecedented flexibility and cost reduction.

“To achieve maximum benefits from deploying NFV and cloud solutions, operations primarily require support in managing the transition from legacy, appliance-focused environments, to new software-centric NFV systems, capable of supporting both IT and communications functions at maximum efficiency” GSMA

Roaming VAS – Aim High

Upgrading the core network to NFV infrastructure is not enough.

Once the operators decide to invest in their NFV platform development, they must ensure that all their network services can migrate seamlessly to an NFV-based environment as well.

Roaming value added services should be deployed as independent virtual network functions (VNFs) that are easily configurable, scalable and have self-healing mechanisms. But more importantly, they should know how to interact with operators’ NFV infrastructure (Orchestrator or VNF-Manager).

“An experienced partner can help operators to meet the carrier-grade requirements, and meanwhile greatly reduce the network TCO, supporting the future evolution of the network”  GSMA

TOMIA – a Fresh Point of View

Being the industry’s first, TOMIA’s NFV-native platform of value-added network services was recently deployed in a tier 1 operator group. Deployed services included Virtual Steering of Roaming, Campaign Management, and Call Correction services; Utilizing TOMIA’s Virtual Probes, managed and monitored through the advanced Element Manager and sophisticated VNF-Manager.

With TOMIA’s platform in place, operators around the world will be able to leverage their roaming VAS solutions together with a Geo-Redundancy and multi-tenancy for accelerating quick on-boarding of affiliates as well as to generate new revenues by reselling to non-affiliates.

We built the platform in a way that allows the operators to gradually adapt their roaming VAS into the NFV infrastructure, by adding the relevant platform elements (e.g. EMS, VNFM) and technologies (e.g. VoLTE, RCS, 5G) based on their networks’ evolvement pace.

TOMIA’s platform is key to enabling cost-efficient network VAS operations, simplifying the roll-out of new services and ease the onboarding of new customers, all while laying the foundations required for realizing 5G to its full potential.

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