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October 22, 2019

Dimitris Zoulis, COSMOTE’s Project Manager for Roaming Services and International Synergies, talks to Daniella Torres about how VoLTE, IoT, and 5G will impact the telecoms industry.

5G technology is progressively entering our lives, offering high-speed mobile broadband with ultra-reliable low-latency communication. As a result, 5G creates a high-quality experience that enables more than just that.

With 5G technology, a real “IoT World” vision will come true: augmented reality, autonomous cars, smart cities and even smart clothes will be found everywhere in the very near future.

TOMIA has been exploring 5G opportunities to ensure that our customers are well-prepared for this new reality. Our goal is to create services that will enable operators to ease into the 5G era and maximize their revenues in this phenomenally new world. By combining our product management team, system architects and R&D experts, we have created a team dedicated to bringing elegant and innovative 5G solutions to the Telecoms market. Some of these ideas, which we recently shared with our customers, include:

“By 2024, 21% of all subscriptions will be 5G with 5G networks covering 45% of the world’s population”

5G Fast Roaming

We are seeing more and more 5G compliant devices in the market. However, only a few mobile operators have announced that they are 5G ready, let alone have 5G roaming agreements. The latest Mobility Report by Ericsson indicates that by 2024, 21% of all subscriptions will be 5G with 5G networks covering 45% of the world’s population.

TOMIA aims to enable non-5G operators to offer their subscribers 5G services when roaming in a respective coverage area. Considering the extensive time-to-market and the massive transformation needed for 5G implementation, this solution is as timely as it is profitable for our customers.

TOMIA will give operators the ability to step into the 5G world and provide their end-users with a 5G experience. Their customers in return will consume a lot more data when roaming – a clear win-win situation.

5G SoR is a key for successful wholesale management in the 5G era

5G Steering of Roaming

Our new 5G-IPN will provide Steering of Roaming services in the 5G era:

Phase 1: Non-Standalone (NSA) 5G

As a first phase, 5G networks will be launched using the 5G New Radio (5G NR) and 4G core networks.

The 5G-IPN will provide mobile operators the ability to manage and steer 5G devices to any desirable network which is 5G-NSA-supported, as well as the ability to segment them (i.e. apply dedicated steering policies).

We are already in discussions with several of our customers who have requested 5G-IPN.

Phase 2: Standalone (SA) 5G

In the long run, mobile operators will deploy the SA architecture that comprises 5G New Radio (5G NR) and 5G Core Networks. The registration process will therefore be based on HTTP protocol.

TOMIA’s 5G team is now reviewing the 5G SA specs and standards as a preliminary stage to define and develop the 5G Steering of Roaming solution for standalone deployments.

Adaptation of the rest of our Core Network Products will take place as part of TOMIA’s 5G roadmap.


TOMIA helps communications service providers to stride into the 5G era smoothly and successfully.  Our 5G team continues to explore new use cases together with our customers. We will highlight a selected few in upcoming blog posts.

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