Maximizing the Use of Your Mobile Private Network

July 11, 2023

Dimitris Zoulis, COSMOTE’s Project Manager for Roaming Services and International Synergies, talks to Daniella Torres about how VoLTE, IoT, and 5G will impact the telecoms industry.

The growth of Mobile Private Networks (MPN) has been remarkable already in 4G and is expected to be exponentially higher in 5G. Enterprises are seeking more and more to establish dedicated, secure, and reliable networks for their specific business needs. Industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, and transportation have embraced the concepts of MPN for their specific use cases. Mobile Operators can take a share of this market by providing smooth and fast connectivity to private networks, while ensuring roaming coverage. Many private networks are rolled out in cooperation with Mobile Operators. These hybrid networks provide the same benefits as private networks, but with guaranteed coverage, geographic reach, scalability, redundancy, and failover of the public network, making them the preferred solution for many use cases across different industries.

The benefits of the MPN such as security, quality, performance, and control, are only available when a device is registered on a private network. In a hybrid situation, the users or endpoints might be roaming in a public network before they access the private network. As it is critical that the benefits of the private network are immediately available, providers of these private networks need to ensure that devices move to the private network as soon as it is within reach. Any delay also represents unwanted roaming costs from the public network.

Aside from immediate connectivity to private networks, it’s necessary to avoid interruption of telecom services, such as ongoing calls. Users need to move to a private network without manual interaction with third-party apps. In other words, moving to a private network must be seamless. Solutions using SIM-applet or OTA refresh are never seamless and may depend on the device type or the OTA solution the private network uses.

In summary, the challenges of connecting to the private network are to:

  •  Immediately detect when the devices are within reach of the private network.
  • Seamlessly roam in and out devices without any user interaction.
  • Avoid any disruption of service.

With a significant track-record in managing cross-network connectivity, TOMIA has developed a new solution that helps Mobile Operators seamlessly move devices from a roaming scenario onto a private network as soon as it is within reach. , . The solution offers real-time network execution and accurate control over subscribers’ mobility events, as TOMIA’s signaling-based solutions deeply integrate with over 100 core signaling networks,

TOMIA’s signaling-based solution for this challenge ensures:

  • Seamless connectivity across multiple network technologies (4G/VoLTE, 5G NSA, and 5G SA).
  • No dependency on the device OS, SIM applet, mobile applications, or any OTA service.
  • Accurate detection of when the endpoint user is located within the private network coverage.
  • Voice continuity (including VoLTE calls) before handover to the private network.

These capabilities empower Mobile Operators to compete in this market by offering seamless and immediate connectivity to private networks, while providing national and worldwide roaming coverage. To learn more about TOMIA’s Private Network solution, please get in touch via:

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