Leading Telco Group Successfully Rolls-out TOMIA’s NFV-based, 5G Ready, Multitenant Roaming VAS Platform

February 12, 2020

Introducing new services in zero-time from a single location servicing multiple countries

VIENNA, VA, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TOMIA, a market leader in global connectivity monetization solutions, has today announced the completion of the telecoms industry’s first Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) deployment with a multinational Communications Service Provider (CSP) group.

As a top priority for the group, TOMIA’s NFV platform enabled the group to improve operational efficiency, automate processes and gain better control and visibility on all affiliates while achieving flexibility and cost reduction. Moreover, the platform offers simple onboarding and easy roll-out for new services, making it future proof and allowing the group to launch new roaming services in no time – a significant benefit for its customers and affiliates.

TOMIA’s NFV Platform for multitenancy roaming services was rolled out with the tier 1 CSP from one location servicing over 20 different countries. It enables the organization to virtualize its roaming services, which decreases the total cost of ownership of necessary hardware. The platform simplifies new services roll-out and automates scalability to adapt to traffic variations, enabling future needs as network advances to 5G. The solution also enables the easy onboarding of affiliates as well as the ability to resell services and provide them to non-affiliates.

TOMIA’s Network Services Platform is NFV native, including Virtual Steering of Roaming (vIPN), Campaign Management (vSparx), Call Correction (vVHE), and Virtual Probes. TOMIA’s NFV-native approach enables service providers to easily introduce new services, onboard new customers, better manage their roaming suite of services, as they scale up and down in alignment with traffic dynamics in a way that is automatic, seamless, and immediate – all while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Andrei Elefant, TOMIA CPO, said: “TOMIA is proud to be leading the way on NFV-based Roaming Services. Our revolutionary Network Roaming Platform for Telcos allows for unified provisioning and monitoring for all Roaming Services from a single pane of glass. It is highly customizable and provides out of the box automation and orchestration. What’s more important is that with the introduction of 5G, this system is ideally suited to manage a range of new functions. It is future-proof!”

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