Improving 5G Roaming Services with SEPP


November 1, 2023

TOMIA joins Kaleido Intelligence and Vodafone Roaming Business for an insightful discussion about 5G Roaming and how SEPP can drive roaming business efficiency.

Change Your PerSEPPtion with Increased Network Visibility.

While it is widely acknowledged that SEPP is essential for ensuring secure inter-operator communication, it is equally important to explore how it can enhance the efficiency of the roaming business. Our panel of experts delved into the multifaceted roles SEPP can take to empower operators through value-added services – including analytics, security, and steering.

TOMIA 5G SEPP acts as a 5G probe to monitor all mobility registration events to enable roaming communication services and create meaningful insights into network performance and device behavior. Fully compliant with 3GPP standards, TOMIA 5G SEPP works together with steering decisions, improving user experience and cost control.

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