Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE)

TOMIA’s Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE) service provides mobile operators with flexible and reliable wholesale billing and settlement for IoT use cases and 5G services.

Market Challenges

The future of settlement, with the exponential growth in the number of wholesale agreements, new charging models and multiple customer segments will require more complex commercial strategies and advanced automation.

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Signaling information is an important asset for detecting permanent roaming devices, and yet, it is rarely used for charging purposes. With the exponential growth of IoT (Internet of Things) and the introduction of 5G and LPWAN (low-power wireless access network) data-driven services, operators will continue to implement differentiated commercial strategies based on registration fees, SLAs, and other QoS parameters. Presence information derived from signaling is critical going forward.

Business complexity in wholesale is increasing due to new charging models, management of multiple enterprise customer segments, and new technologies such as 5G. While several millions of transactions are being exchanged bilaterally, the charge per transaction is reducing significantly, thereby making the current TAP settlement processes not the most optimal one for the long term and for new services and IoT use cases.

Tier 1 operators often require control of critical data for several business purposes. Since data driven services decrease the need for transaction exchange between operators, the data processing for the purpose of settlement becomes increasingly sensitive, especially in countries that apply GDPR regulations or within organizations with comprehensive IT security requirements, against unauthorized access.
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The Forefront of Settlement Evolution

Flexibility and efficiency will enable mobile operators to execute the vital transition to ‘BCE wholesale settlement service’ seamlessly, allowing immediate realization of new business opportunities.


Be ready today for IoT and 5G requirements and opportunities

While we enter a hybrid period, where traditional and future settlement processes will co-exist for several years to come, business automation is key. TOMIA’s BCE service automates end-to-end business requirements, allowing mobile operators to focus on IoT and 5G opportunities with reduced operational cost.

  • Efficient support for current and future wholesale charging models.
  • Charging based on multiple parameters such as presence and SLA.
  • Fully automated reconciliation analysis at multiple levels.
  • Online revenue assurance to avoid duplication of traffic events.
  • Multiple deployment options – local or cloud – and modular architecture
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