New technologies such as VoLTE, Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) and 5G are significantly impacting costs and margin structures. Rather than settling for complex agreements which contain higher cost than profit, mobile operators are required to embrace innovative business models and pricing structures to simplify roaming agreements and reduce revenue loss. TOMIA’s range of Clearing products has you covered, from Data and Financial Clearing to Deal Analytics and Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE). Capabilities include comprehensive visibility and automation across all stages of the clearing and settlement process for all types of agreements – roaming TAP, discount, and BCE.

Reliable Future Ready Services

Leverage automation and business intelligence to optimize roaming relationships and charges with your partners.

Deal Analytics

Enabling operators and groups to forecast, simulate and negotiate optimal discount agreements.

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Billing and Charging Evolution (BCE)

Flexible and reliable wholesale billing and settlement for IoT use cases and 5G services.

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Data Clearing (DCH)

Efficient and reliable data exchange and billing services to facilitate wholesale settlement.

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Financial Clearing (FCH)

Efficient and reliable wholesale settlement process.

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Mitigating fraud risk in roaming while still allowing legitimate traffic.

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